Sustainability Promise

sustainability and our commitment to the environment

We are anything but perfect, but are always striving to improve ourselves and make our footprint lighter. Here are a few examples of some  changes we have made in order to be more eco-friendly, sustainable and to better protect our environment.

1) We plant a Native tree in Ireland for every gown purchased by our brides. See our Forest of Love page for more information.

2) We use either reused or recycled boxes made from recycled cardboard to ship your gown.

3) We try to minimize unnecessary packaging when shipping.

4) The ribbons we use with our tags are made from recycled plastics.

5) Our printed complement slips are made using sustainable, non-toxic vegetable inks.

6) We use FSC approved paper in all of our printing.

7) We donate a percentage of profits to causes close to our hearts such as conservation projects, afforestation and species & habitat protection.

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