About the Designer

Edwina O' Gorman About

“It’s not just a dress, it’s a feeling” ™

Edwina is a natural born creative with a unique and original style.  

She lives on the west coast of her native Ireland, where each of her designs is lovingly brought to life - endowed with magic, beauty and strength. She spends her days immersed in the raw beauty of her surroundings, drawing inspiration from the Natural world around her.

“I believe I was born to create, and to bring beauty and joy to the world through my designs. I have always felt most comfortable in nature, and feel a responsibility to help bring awareness to the destruction and suffering we are causing through the world of fashion and art. For me, there is nothing beautiful or enjoyable about fashion or art if another living being has suffered at the hands of those who made it. For this reason, I do not use any materials derived from animals in my designs. there is never any compromise in quality, design or comfort in the cruelty-free garments that I make. It is my hope that more will join me on this journey.

My aim is to design a piece of wearable art that inspires the person wearing it to experience the energy that created it, so they can feel like the best and most confident version of themselves. I love hearing how my brides feel when wearing one of my designs. I love that some things just can’t quite be explained, and that moment when a bride falls in love with her dress is one of them.”

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